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 'other' kin advice needed

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'other' kin advice needed Empty
PostSubject: 'other' kin advice needed   'other' kin advice needed EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 5:10 pm

Thinking about dropping Inego out of the Council and getting him to be a Ruffian...the council is awesome but I was never getting anything from them...(i.e.) Annuminas Runs

I understand the global distaste for the place from long ago when it was the be-all end-all of the game...but that was forever ago...

The only thing I ever got from them was 'technical support' which I can get for myself online....

Any opinions as to why I should remain in the Council or have another 65 in Ruffians ?
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'other' kin advice needed Empty
PostSubject: Re: 'other' kin advice needed   'other' kin advice needed EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 7:19 pm

Well I am the one who is sort of the champion of the Council to you guys and a big part of it is just loyalty and how helpful and friendly they are as a group. Nothing specific I can think of as far as runs and shit go, that stuff is sort of all done through their website so if it isn't on there it kind of isn't 'real' as far as setting up group runs and stuff--ie it is last minute and unreliable to count on people to be there. They do some cool events and parties in the kinhouse, they are big and established and for organized runs and stuff they have a huge network of allies in the secretcouncil channel. So it's your call but it can never hurt to have allies I guess. I'm leaving most of mine in there that are there just on general principle.
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'other' kin advice needed
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