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 What is your name ?

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What is your name ? Empty
PostSubject: What is your name ?   What is your name ? EmptyTue Jan 25, 2011 6:45 pm

If your name is stupid, we must assume you are as well...sorry but that is how it is.

Officers do not have the final say in what makes an inappropriate name...Rekko does !

If you cannot take the few seconds to come up with a legitimate name, or have the game give you a decent name...then do not apply or expect to stay in this kin !

If your character's has a name like Salburt, that is fine....if you add the last name of Seinstein...that makes the name stupid and you will be asked to change your last name.

You are obviously not an Einstein if you feel you must be clever with his name.

If you refuse to change your last name...then goodbye from this kin !

Rekko's Ruffians do NOT force our members to Role-Play...but we DO force our members to create Lore acceptable names for the RP community...

If you are not clever enough to come up with a good name then please let the game create it for you. If you have a problem with this rule then please do not apply as you will just be wasting our time.
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What is your name ?
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